Your Merge Eye Care PACS™ Transition


Why Merge Transitions Are Not So Easy

Merge conversions are plagued with hundreds and even thousands of indistinct procedure types, misnamed locations, incorrectly labeled device names and scattered "pic" folders with millions of files in them.  A generic DICOM wrapper of these files will result in poorly organized historical data that will leave physicians struggling to evaluate their patient's change over time with virtually no analytics.


The Continuum™ Difference

Our engineers and scientists have careers that span decades of converting OIS and Merge databases.  We have developed our own, proprietary conversion routines that allow us to efficiently reorganize your data, correct errors, fill in missing gaps and filter out unwanted modalities.

In most cases, we can replace inferior Merge imports with rich, valuable raw imaging data that will give you features and analytics for historical comparisons you never thought possible in a web-based PACS.


Our Process

You will immediately be assigned a project manager who will be responsible for your transition. Our analysts will evaluate your database, image storage and map out your locations and devices to create a project plan. Your experienced project manager will guide you through our proven process to prepare, analyze and execute for a seamless go-live.


Merge Eye Station Photography Solution

If you have Merge PACS™, then you likely have Merge Eye Station™ Photography on your fundus cameras.  We can replace your Eye Station computer with the OVision photography system and Windows 10.  OVision stands alone in it's ability to directly capture from your existing Merge camera, saving you money and keeping the quality you need for your studies.

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